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About P.J.C. Smart

Pamela Smart is a self taught artist influenced by her mother and the multi cultural background of growing up in Hollywood, California...

She started selling her early development of whimsically designed animals and people in pen and ink right out of high school during the mid 70's in the beach show in Santa Barbara.  She sold more elaborately detailed pieces on commission jobs and in San Francisco as well.

She reproduced the black and white images to sell early on as even then people asked if they could color them.  She also designed stained glass windows for fellow stained glass artists that she befriended along the way.

In between time she married and had four children and was actively involved in helping and even taking in the homeless in the Puget Sound area.  She only had time to dabble in the arts then.  Missing the arts and then moving to Idaho brought art back into her life.  She produced a few pieces of great detail and color to be reproduced in limited editions that were sold internationally.

Then praying for an idea in 2010 to help out the family with her talent, the coloring books pages began a new adventure with the first book being self published in early 2011. Recapturing her fond memories of her fun animal designs she ended up bringing unexpected joy not only to herself, but her immediate fans that developed instantaneously.

She invited them to complete her works of art creating a community of loyal colorists with which she interacts with frequently!  She is still involved in helping the homeless and the less fortunate as that is always in her heart.

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